Chakra Balancing
Super 45g €22.22
“Calling All Angels and Guides”
“Get Your Bag”
“Find Your Bae”
Intention Candles
Space Clearing
“I’m Woke”
Small 15g €7.77
Connect to Your Spiritual Guides
Focus the energy of the universe with individually crafted and blessed intention candles. Each candle is crafted with powerful essential spiritual oils, herbs, and natural gemstones which have been programmed to deliver your intention. Speak your intention, and visualise it as you hold the candle. Feel the satisfaction of receiving your desire as you light the candle. Continue towards your desire while you witness your intention manifest in your life. Do not leave lit candles unattended and be sure to place them in a stable non flammable environment! Choose your intention and a standard or supersized candle.
“Clear the Air”