OtiumEmporium was formed from the desire to share healing and blessings to assist you to live a full and enriched life. As an intuitive that was born with blessings of spiritual gifts. I spent many years living by the spirit and enhancing my gifts. Then just like many of you I lost my way in the day to day stresses of life. I have found my way back to my spiritual path and made an oath to provide an array of ways for you to benefit from my gifts and experiences while connecting with your internal and external guidance to enhancing wellness , happiness, peace, and prosperity in your life. Ancient Greeks and Romans regularly practiced Otium by enjoying relaxing and spirituality enriching practices to experience healing in their lives. They understood the importance of spiritual enlightenment to rejuvenate and heal the heart, mind, body and soul. I wish you all health, love, happiness, peace and prosperity. Thank you for visitiing.